Cover of Computers and Chemical Engineering, volume 20. Contains proceedings of ESCAPE-15.Authors: G. SCHOPFER¹, J. WYES¹, W. MARQUARDT¹, L. von WEDEL²

Affiliations: ¹Lehrstuhl für Prozesstechnik, RWTH Aachen, D-52056 Aachen, Germany and ²AixCAPE e.V., D-52072 Aachen, Germany

Reference as (APA): Schopfer, G., Wyes, J., Marquardt, W., & von Wedel, L. (2005). A library for equation system processing based on the CAPE-OPEN ESO Interface. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 20(C), 1573–1578.

Abstract: “In this contribution we present the LptNumerics library for processing of equation systems that are provided via the CAPE-OPEN ESO interfaces. The library provides functionality for the pre-processing of an equation system and its solution. Here the term pre-processing refers to the steps required prior to solving a model in an equation-oriented solution approach. The library is implemented in C++ and can be used within any equation-oriented application. This contribution discusses the design and implementation of the library and presents two application examples.”

Comments: the LptNumerics library provides functionality applicable in different equation-oriented modelling and simulation tools. The functionality builds upon  the CAPE-OPEN Equation Set Object which is at the core of the CAPE-OPEN Numerical Solvers interface specification.


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