Picture of Werner MERK (representative of The Dow Chemical Company in CO-LaN 2001-2006)Logo of The Dow Chemical CompanyWithin the 1st CAPE-OPEN European Conference, Werner MERK (The Dow Chemical Company), leader of the Thermo Special Interest Group, gave a presentation (PDF, 172 Kbytes) on the activities of the SIG all along 2003.

Werner starts by stating what is the charter of the Special Interest Group, as approved by CO-LaN Management Board, and its key responsabilities. He lists next the organizations and their representatives who are members of the Thermo Special Interest Group as of February 2004.

The achievements of the Thermo SIG in 2003 are then summarized:

Werner then goes on with the goals set for 2004. The focus will be on implementation, mostly how to make it easier for developers, now that the specification design phase of version 1.1 is past.

Y04 COEU Thermo SIG Report