Logo of HoneywellPicture of Martin ROSS, Honeywell Process SolutionsWithin the CAPE-OPEN 2014 Annual Meeting, Martin ROSS, UniSim Design product manager provides (PDF, 278 Kbytes) a CAPE-OPEN update on the part of Honeywell.

First Martin gives an overview of Honeywell which is active in Aerospace, Transportation Systems, Automation and Control Solutions and also in Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT). So Honeywell is involved in diverse businesses, technologies and products. PMT represents 25% of Honeywell’s sales worldwide which total annually more than $39B. Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) belongs to the PMT portfolio, alongside UOP, Fluorine products or Electronic materials. This portfolio of businesses shares a synergy in R&D, products and customers. HPS is the world leader in automation solutions for the process industries.

HPS offers Greenfield services, Migration and Maintenance services, Advanced Software Solutions and Field Solutions. Advanced Software Solutions provides services and software which enhance the performance of a plant beyond original expectations. UniSim Design is one of the solutions provided within Advanced Software Solutions.

After this short description of Honeywell business, Martin addresses the Consultancy Service project that was offered by CO-LaN to HPS. First the challenge it represents is expressed: going back to the days of the CAPE-OPEN project and of the Global CAPE-OPEN project, the UniSim CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation Socket was based on Visual Basic 6. This makes its maintenance difficult and speed issues are also known. The scope of the Consultancy Service provided through CO-LaN was to re-engineer the Unit Operation socket in C++. If all the functionalities supported by the original Unit Operation socket have been kept, some functionalities have been changed in the new version to allow for an efficient and error free operation of the new CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation socket. Among the improvements:

  • The User Interface has been improved for better user experience
  • The energy material object for CAPE-OPEN UO socket is implemented
  • The CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation icon has been improved so that user can use mouse to connect the streams with UO now
  • The phase property access has been improved by using a single phase flash.
  • Unit of measure support is added in the new CAPE-OPEN UO socket View
  • Unit of measure persistence is improved in the saved case

HPS recognizes that the Consultancy Service helped accelerate development, resulted in a better user experience and improved product quality.

Then Martin shares the positioning of Honeywell with respect to CAPE-OPEN: HPS will continue to support CAPE-OPEN and be involved in CO-LaN. HPS considers CAPE-OPEN as an important integration and will work with customers to understand business value and trade-off investment effort based on prioritized needs.