Logo of KOGTPicture of Roar NILSEN (KOGT)Within the CAPE-OPEN 2014 Annual Meeting, Roar NILSEN, K-Spice Product Manager at KONGSBERG Oil and Gas Technologies reported (PDF, 2457 Kbytes) on the implementation of a CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic socket in K-Spice.

K-Spice® is a dynamic process simulation solution designed for detailed simulation of oil and gas processes and control systems throughout the whole life cycle. The simulator combines improved features for system management, thermodynamics, and numerical solvers with flexible and intuitive graphical user interface. With the release of K-Spice version (autumn 2014) a CAPE-OPEN compliant socket (thermodynamics 1.1) is available.

The technical solution implemented is the generation of look-up tables to be loaded in memory during initialization of a K-Spice model. Thermodynamic tables are used as basis for the flash and property calculations in K-Spice. This is very common for that kind of applications and interpolation of values found in tables is well developed. It is also very efficient from a calculation point of view.