On September 11, 2014, within the CAPE-OPEN 2014 Annual Meeting, Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA from Schneider Electric gave an update on CAPE-OPEN implementation in PRO/II 9.3 and 9.4.

Krishna Murthy detailed a number of modifications made to the implementation and call of CAPE-OPEN interfaces

In PRO/II 9.4 the persistence of a Property Package used in a given PRO/II Flowsheet is now taken into consideration. A persistable Property Package will see its persisted data be included in the PRO/II persisted Flowsheet document. The corresponding Thermo System or Property Package Manager needs to be installed on the target machine but not anymore the Property Package itself. This is a major step forward in portability of Flowsheet relying on CAPE-OPEN PMCs.

Version 9.3 of PRO/II has seen a number of improvements: rather than relying on the names of the Phases, PRO/II now relies on the state of aggregation of a Phase to match a Phase on the PRO/II side and on a 3rd party Property Package side. Another point is that the ICapeIdentification interface has been implemented on the PRO/II Simulation Context object in order to fully identify this object. Plus a number of other improvements following internal tests, feedback from users or from CO-LaN.

The openness of this presentation on issues resolved was noted. Also it should provide hints for other PME developers on where to check their implementations because several issues covered were rather generic.