On February 10, 2010, the Thermo Special Interest Group (SIG) of CO-LaN has launched a Request For Comments on the revised Thermo 1.0 interface specification document.

The Thermodynamics and Physical Properties (Thermo 1.0) interface specification 1.0 was released on March 20, 2002 within the Global CAPE-OPEN project. The Thermo SIG has then worked on an errata document pointing out a number of errors and grey areas in the original specification. The errata document latest version was released in December 2008. Since then the Thermo SIG has worked on revising the Thermo 1.0 interface specification document so that all the accumulated knowledge on this interface specification may be found in a single document.

The revision does not change the interface design and the corresponding IDL is kept the same. But it clarifies a number of points and is hopefully helping in implementing the interfaces described. Now it is time to propose the revised document for comments.

The RFC is now closed. Thank you for your help in making the interface specification better! See the updated specification document (CO Thermo Version 1.08.008) authorized for release by CO-LaN Management Board in May 2011.