Logo of National Energy Technology LaboratoryThe U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory organizes on October 20-21 a workshop on Advanced Process Engineering Co-Simulation (APECS) in Pitsburgh, PA.

Agenda includes:

  • Advanced Process Engineering Co-Simulation for Design and Optimization of Fossil Energy Systems with Carbon Capture
    Stephen E. Zitney, U.S. Department of Energy, NETL
  • APECS Software and Architecture Overview
    John Widmann, ANSYS Inc.
  • APECS Process/Equipment Co-Simulation Workflow (with Demo)
    John Widmann, ANSYS Inc.
  • Process-Industry CAPE-OPEN Software Standard Overview
    Stephen E. Zitney, U.S. Department of Energy, NETL
  • APECS with ANSYS® Engineering Knowledge ManagerTM (with Demo)
    John Widmann, ANSYS Inc.
  • APECS Applications at ALSTOM Power
    David Sloan, ALSTOM Power
  • Process/Equipment Co-Simulation of a Syngas Chemical Looping Process
    L.S. Fan, Ohio State University
  • Process/Equipment Co-Simulation of a Pulverized Coal Plant with Cooling Tower
    Wade Huebsch, West Virginia University
  • Process/Equipment Co-Simulation for Gasification- and Combustion-based Energy Applications
    Mike Bockelie, Reaction Engineering International
  • Process/Equipment Co-Simulation: An Integrated Energy Company Perspective
    Lanre Oshinowo, ConocoPhillips
  • Process/Equipment Co-Simulation: A Chemical Process Industry Perspective
    Kunle Ogunde, DuPont
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)-based ROMs
    Larry Biegler, Carnegie Mellon University
  • APECS ROM Builder (with Demo)
    John Widmann, ANSYS Inc.
  • APECS ROM Applications at ALSTOM Power
    David Sloan, ALSTOM Power
  • Development of CAPE-OPEN ROMs for APECS Power Generation Applications
    David Swensen, Reaction Engineering International
  • Recent Advances in Reduced-Order Modeling for Transport Phenomena
    Paul Cizmas, Texas A&M University
  • Multizonal Reactor Network ROMs
    Scott Drennan, Reaction Design
  • APECS Design Optimization
    David Sloan, ALSTOM Power
  • Stochastic Analysis and Multi-Objective Optimization
    Urmila Diwekar, Vishwamitra Research Institute
  • Integration of APECS and Aspen Plus Dynamics
    John Widmann, ANSYS Inc.
  • Integration of APECS with VE-Suite for Virtual Plant Simulation (with Demo)
    Mark Bryden, Doug McCorkle, Iowa State University
  • APECS Development 2009/2010
    John Widmann, ANSYS Inc.

The workshop covers many different aspects of APECS, ranging from CFD modelling to Reduced Order Models and optimization, all making use of CAPE-OPEN as the interoperability enabler.