Following a decision taken by the CO-LaN Management Board, Michael Halloran has been renewed as of June 1st, 2010 till May 31st, 2011 as consultant to CO-LaN. While at Aspentech till end of 2005, Michael Halloran was heavily involved in the implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces in Aspen Plus. Since June 2006, Michael Halloran has been contracted by CO-LaN to provide services on such topics as:

  • Developing CAPE-OPEN interface specifications;
  • Developing specifications and designs for CAPE-OPEN related software;
  • Providing written reviews of implementations being undertaken by other parties;
  • Providing written reviews of CAPE-OPEN related documents and other materials;
  • Advising and guiding third parties engaged in CAPE-OPEN implementation work;
  • Developing CAPE-OPEN software according to agreed specifications;
  • Advising on technical issues affecting the standards – for example supporting a .NET implementation;

Michael Halloran has recently developed a COLTT log Viewer that facilitates the analysis of logs created by COLTT. He has also provided whatever was necessary for other developers to get involved in the further improvement of COLTT. Work will continue with the revamping of COLTT deployment.