Today, during its monthly conference call, CO-LaN Management Board has authorized work on the maintenance of COBIA middleware, and allocated a budget for it. The maintenance is performed by AmsterCHEM within the contract signed on software development services provided by AmsterCHEM to CO-LaN.for 2023.

Allocating a budget for maintenance allows for quickly fixing issues found when using COBIA. These fixes are made available through maintenance releases of COBIA 1.2, distributed by CO-LaN.

Three such releases were made in 2022 (version on March 31, version on November 12, and version on December 16).

There is no precise expectation on the number of maintenance releases in 2023. The list of support tickets remaining open, out of a current total number of 170 tickets, is available to anyone for review.

Should you detect any issue with the use of COBIA middleware, you are welcome to post on the CAPE-OPEN forum dedicated to COBIA where the issue will be picked up, and addressed. The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group regularly reviews the outstanding tickets, and prioritize their resolution as needed.

The arrangements decided today by CO-LaN Management Board show the confidence CO-LaN has in COBIA, and help boost the confidence of users in COBIA.