Logo of CO-LaN smallOn November 21, 2022, Management Board agreed on the need to secure AmsterCHEM and Céondo GmbH as contractors in 2023, providing CO-LaN with the necessary software development resources in such projects as COBIA and the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite, as well as for the distribution of the CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries and Primary Interop Assemblies.

CO-LaN Management Board also agreed on the terms to be applied in the contract, in accordance with the 2023 budget approved at the Annual General Meeting held on September 21, 2022. Based on these terms, Florence KUIJL, as Office Manager, drew the contracts that have been signed by the different parties on January 11, 2023.

These contractual arrangements provide CO-LaN with the necessary resources to conduct in 2023 its major software developments, including maintenance of COBIA 1.2, further development within COBIA Phase III, and versions of CAPE-OPEN Test Suite incorporating full batteries of tests for Property Packages and Unit Operations, as per the current time plans for both projects.