Logo of HoneywellHoneywell Process Solutions has renewed today the license contract awarded to CO-LaN for using UniSim® Design, a process modelling software tool which implements CAPE-OPEN interfaces.

From a CAPE-OPEN viewpoint, UniSim® Design is a Process Modelling Environment (PME) consuming CAPE-OPEN unit operations and thermodynamic software components. The licensing contract between Honeywell Process Solutions and CO-LaN covers also UniSim® Thermo, a complete thermodynamics package that encompasses property methods, flash calculations, property databases and property estimation. UniSim® Thermo can be plugged as a CAPE-OPEN component into third-party PMEs.

CO-LaN conducts interoperability tests with both UniSim® Design and UniSim® Thermo. CO-LaN is thankful for this arrangement that is proving very valuable for continuous monitoring of the interoperability achieved between various software components acting either as Process Modelling Environments or Process Modelling Components.