TUHH-logoToday a paper by researchers from Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and from Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at University of Sheffield went on line in the journal Advanced Powder Technology and offered a review on current status and future trends of flowsheet simulation of solids processes.

Somehow this paper defines what Dyssol, an open-source flowsheet simulation framework for particulate materials, developed by the research team at TUHH, will deliver as a modelling framework for the dynamic flowsheet simulation of processes designed for handling of particulate materials and will offer in terms of a comprehensive description of multidimensionally distributed particulate materials.The paper also briefly mentions the interoperability provided by CAPE-OPEN and implemented in SolidSim.

TUHH is an Associate Member of CO-LaN and engaged some 10 years ago in the development of SolidSim, a steady-state flowsheet simulator targeted at solids processes. At TUHH Dyssol is a kind of successor to SolidSim flowsheet simulation system. However, keeping in mind the experience of the SolidSim developers, TUHH, as per communications with CO-LaN, has deliberately decided to abandon the implementation of the CAPE-OPEN interfaces at the system kernel level while SolidSim relied on CAPE-OPEN for that. Since Dyssol was originally conceived as a research product, TUHH considers that using CAPE-OPEN could overly complicate the program at the initial stage and make it difficult to maintain later.

CO-LaN will investigate further with TUHH which constraints CAPE-OPEN technology was felt to introduce and remains confident that TUHH will renew its interest in CAPE-OPEN, may be for providing interoperability between Dyssol and CAPE-OPEN Property Packages.