TUHH-logoThe Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg‘s department of particle technology under lead of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Werther just became an Associate Member of CO-LAN and is the initiator and coordinator of a German research project funded by the AIF consortium.

The so called SolidSim project aims at the development of a process modeling and simulation tool for complex solids processes and unit operations within the next 2 years and includes no less than 11 academic partners from 10 German universities as well as some 40 industrial partners in advisory boards and steering committee each contributing their excellent knowledge and experience to individual areas of solids processing.

The project partners have identified the CAPE-OPEN standard as being highly beneficial and very supportive for the project since it allows the reuse of proven concepts and reduces development effort. At the same time it enables interaction of the simulation environment with standard CO compliant liquid/gas simulators. This will allow simulation of complex processes involving solids processing steps as parts of larger liquid/gas processes and vice versa and allow parameter studies and design alternatives for complete processes.

The CAPE-OPEN standard is therefore a key enabler for achieving the vision of an open simulation of complex integrated processes with different simulators – each best suited for a certain part of the process to be modeled or simulated.