Logo of Carnegie Mellon UniversityIn the issue released today of Computers & Chemical Engineering, researchers ar the Department of Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University describe a new software environment, called DynoPC.

They describe two ways that this environment can be interfaced to other modeling packages through CAPE-OPEN: with the CAPE-OPEN Tester Suite and gPROMS.

The authors state that the CAPE-OPEN Tester Suite developed by CO-LaN is currently the simplest modeling tool to implement MINLP CAPE-OPEN interfaces, while gPROMS implements Equation Set Object (ESO) interfaces instead. The authors describe how to plug IPOPT into the CAPE-OPEN Tester as an optimizer. Next, they explain how DynoPC can be interfaced to gPROMS through an ESO socket.

CO-LaN welcomes the use of the CAPE-OPEN Tester Suite to verify how a numerical solver, here an optimizer, fairs with respect to CAPE-OPEN interfaces. CO-LaN also welcomes the use of the CAPE-OPEN Equation Set Object as a link between a commercial modeller (gPROMS) and a solver developed by university.