Logo of CO-LaN smallRichard BAUR, representative of Shell Global Solutions International BV, president of CO-LaN, has signed today service contracts with AmsterCHEM and Céondo GmbH.

Following the Request For Bids issued in August 2019 for software services, CO-LaN Management Board has decided to split the supply of services between three contractors: AmsterCHEM, Céondo GmbH and Marcus Bruno Fernandes Silva. The chosen split gives access to various levels of expertise and availability which are necessary to ensure delivery of the tasks at hand.

The contracts with AmsterCHEM and Céondo GmbH have been approved by CO-LaN Management Board.

They have both covering the period from April 1, 2020 till December 31, 2020. AmsterCHEM will supply up to 100 man-hours and Céondo GmbH up to 125 man-hours over the period. CO-LaN and the contractors will agree subsequently on a number of Contractor Work Authorisation Forms detailing work to be done and corresponding budget allocated.

For CO-LaN this arrangement secures further its access to experienced developers and enables the upcoming development of the self-test suite as well as the maintenance of COLTT and the CAPE-OPEN TLB/PIAs as well as their respective installers.