Prashanth CHANDRAN, Technical Development Lead at Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.Today, CO-LaN has been notified that Nate HATCHER is stepping down from his role of representative of Optimized Gas Treating Inc. (OGT) in CO-LaN. Nate pursues his career outside OGT. CO-LaN wishes the best to Nate in his new position where he is expecting to be able to use CAPE-OPEN technology.

Prashanth CHANDRAN, Technical Development Lead at OGT, has been named as the representative of OGT in CO-LaN. Welcome to Prashanth!

Prashanth joined OGT as a Development Engineer in May 2018. Prashanth received a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from Anna University, India in 2016 and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 2018.

CO-LaN appreciates the continuous involvement of OGT with CO-LaN. Results are evident through the release of ProTreat as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation and of ProTreat CAPE-OPEN Property Package. At the CAPE-OPEN 2022 Annual Meeting, Linde Engineering showed how they are using ProTreat Unit Operation in UniSim Design and outlined the improved workflow resulting from the interoperability provided through CAPE-OPEN.