Logo of CO-LaN smallHere is a summary of what took place in September 2019.

Next month major event for CO-LaN is the CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on October 22 and October 23 with Shell hosting the meeting at its facilities.

CO-LaN is pleased to see more than 30 participants having already registered. The presentation program is building up nicely with room given to initiatives wanting to use/assess CAPE-OPEN: the Virtual Materials Market Place project and a crowdsourcing project from India exploring the possibility of using open source software in chemical engineering curriculum. Presentations by BASF, Evonik, Optimized Gas Treating, National Technical University of Athens as well as Technische Universität Berlin will be given. A few more presentations are under discussion.

CO-LaN will also reports on its activities, especially within Special Interest Groups.

There are still some seats available for the meeting. Please notify your intent to attend as soon as possible by answering this message. It is your participation which has always made CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings a success.

CO-LaN has issued a Request For Bids on August 29. It pertains to a set of software services (development, deployment, maintenance, etc…) for the CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool, for the CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries and Primary Interop Assemblies and for the Certification Self-test suite. Deadline for answering this Request For Bids is end of September. So please hurry if you want to propose your services to CO-LaN.

Please reflect back to the CAPE-OPEN Awareness Lecture given at the Technical University of Munich back in June. Linde Engineering explains the purpose of CAPE-OPEN and gives an example of how CAPE-OPEN can be put to work.

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