Logo of CPERIThe Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI) in Thessaloniki, Greece has published a paper in Macromolecular Reaction Engineering to describe their on-going work at developing a software platform capable to simulate polymerization processes. CPERI, under the leadership of Professor Costas KIPARISSIDES, is well known for having developed detailed models of a number of reactors and separation units for various polymerization processes.

With this new software platform, CPERI, in collaboration with its spin-off PolymerS Ltd, aims at providing an integrated tool for the simulation, design, parameter and state estimation, optimization, and control of specific polymerization processes.The authors recognizes that “the adoption of an open-system architecture is an important requirement in the development of a new process modeling component (PMC)“. And consequently “The software interface standard sestablished by the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (http://www.co-lan.org) have been identified as a well-documented and tested framework upon which our laboratory has built its own PMCs that simulate the dynamic operation of a great number of polymerization processes.