Author(s): Apostolos KRALLIS, Prokopis PLADIS, Vassileios KANELLOPOULOS, Costas KIPARISSIDES

Affiliation: Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute, P.O. Box 60361,Thessaloniki 57001, Greece

Cover Macromolecular Reaction Engineering Vol 5 issue 5Reference: Macromolecular Reaction Engineering, May 11 2010, vol. 4, issue 5, pp 303-318


“A new software has been developed for the simulation, design, parameter and state estimation, optimization, and control of specific polymerization processes aiming at increasing plant efficiency, improving product quality, and reducing the impact to environment. It provides a user-friendly interface, including a design environment that can be accessed from the engineer’s desktop computer, allowing graphical interaction and expert system guidance on how to use the program or make engineering decisions. The software design allows the collection of models from different sources leading to an easy and comprehensive synthesis of process models. Recent advances regarding the development of software applications for three specific polymerization systems are presented.”

DOI: 10.1002/mren.200900053

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