CAPE-WP_logoThe 19th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering was held from June 14 till June 17, 2009 in Cracow, Poland. The ESCAPE (European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering) series constitutes a major event in the area of CAPE with participants from countries all over the world. The series serve as a forum for engineers, scientists/researchers and students to present and discuss progress being made in the area of CAPE.

Among the many contributions presented, it is worth noting that three papers were directly related to CAPE-OPEN.

Paper 448: “Adaptation and testing of a data reconciliation software for CAPE-OPEN compliance” by Eric Radermaecker (BelSim SA), Dr Marie-Noëlle Dumont (Université de Liège) and Prof. Georges Heyen (Université de Liège). The paper described the experience made by BelSim SA with the development of a CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic socket in BELSIM-VALI (BelSim SA is a CO-LaN Associate Member).

Paper 418: “Dynamic simulation of chemical engineering systems using OpenModelica and CAPE-OPEN” by Carl Sandrock and Professor Philip de Vaal (University of Pretoria, South Africa). This paper describes the first known attempt to implement CAPE-OPEN interfaces in OpenModelica.

Paper 33: “Multiscale Modelling Framework for Chemical Product-Process Design” by Ricardo Morales-Rodriguez and Prof. Rafiql Gani (Technical University of Denmark). This work belongs to a project by Technical University of Denmark (DTU-CAPEC) that relies on CAPE-OPEN. Previous phase of this project have been described for example during the 4th CAPE-OPEN US Conference.

All papers are published in Computer Aided Chemical Engineering edited by Elsevier.