logo_schneider_electricThe 2013 SimSci Client Conference was held on October 14-17 in Dallas, Texas. It featured two presentations related to CAPE-OPEN.

In the Design track on October 17, Pieter Schmal and Mark Matzopoulos from Process Systems Enterprise gave a talk on “Extending design and simulation with custom models in gProms“, making use of the gO:CAPE-OPEN technology provided by PSE.

Later on in the same session, Fernando Aguirre presented “Using HTRI technology with PRO/II”. Fernando described how a number of heat exchanger models developed at HTRI may be seamlessly plugged into PRO/II through CAPE-OPEN interfaces.

It is worth mentioning that another CO-LaN Associate Member, HALIAS Technologies, gave a presentation the same day in the Simulation and Training track on “Extending design & simulation to the cloud” by Laurent Testard. This presentation was not related to CAPE-OPEN technology.