Authors: Jean-Pierre BELAUD¹, Michel PONS², Kerry IRONS³, Werner MERK³, Peter BANKS

Affiliations: ¹INPT-ENSIACET, ²ATOFINA, ³The Dow Chemical Company, BP

Cite this article as: Belaud J.-P., Pons M., Irons K., Merk W., Banks P. (2003) Missions of the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network. In: Grossmann IE, McDonald CM (eds) Proceedings of FOCAPO 2003, pp XXX–XXX, CACHE.

Abstract: “The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN) is the internationally recognized user-driven organization for the testing and management of the CAPE-OPEN standard targeted at Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) tools. The standard defines rules and interfaces that allow applications or components to inter-operate. The CO-LaN Society also helps to facilitate implementation of standard interfaces in commercial solutions such as AspenPlus™ from Aspen Technology Inc., Hysys.Process™ from Hyprotech, gPROMS™ from PSE Ltd, VALI III from BELSIM SA, INDISS from RSI, etc … The CO-LaN Society acts as a new player in the process modelling area and proposes a different business model.”

Comments: the authors describe the organization set up for CO-LaN where Full Members and Associate Members coexist.


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