The Thermo SIG met from 10:30 am till 12:30 pm (Central European Time).


Resolve issues with diffusion coefficients


BASF (represented by Sergej BLAGOV), AmsterCHEM (represented by Jasper van BATEN), Shell Global Solutions (represented by Mark STIJNMAN), Michel PONS (CO-LaN contractor)


Following the discussion session at the CAPE-OPEN 2018 Annual Meeting dedicated to diffusion coefficients, and further informal discusssions that took place within and around the meeting, a proposal has been developed with solutions to address the issues raised on October 8, 2018. The Thermo SIG has decided to insert the proposal within a previously drafted Errata & Clarifications document for Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification version 1.1.

What is proposed?

One current thermodynamic property would be deprecated since its definition is too ambiguous, three additional properties would be added to the standard. The document is being circulated to a number of CO-LaN Members with a pronounced interest for the diffusion coefficients topic in order to conduct a polishing of the document before going to a complete Request For Comments process.

The Thermo SIG will meet again on October 26, 2018.