The Thermo Special Interest Group held a conference call from 10 am GMT till 11 am GMT.


  1. Evaluation of bids for thermo tester – Michel Pons
  2. V 1.1 review status – Richard Szczepanzki
  3. Status Do’s and Don’ts – Michael Halloran
  4. Major topics for February 3, 2003 meeting – All
  5. Miscellaneous


Aspentech (represented by Daniel PINOL), BASF (represented by Werner DREWITZ), Dow (represented by Werner MERK, Philippe HAYOT and Jens SCHMIDT), Infochem (represented by Richard SZCZEPANSKI), TOTAL (represented by Michel PONS). Apologies for absence received from Michael HALLORAN (Aspentech) and CiT GmbH (represented by Michael WULKOW).


  • Evaluation of Bids received for thermo tester:
    • 3 bids have been received from UPC, ADDUCE GmbH and ProSim SA
    • Proposal: develop a layer between COSE and Component to record calls to all procedures
    • Development will take approximately three months
    • Good idea to have different parties develop the different testers (plug/socket)
  • Version 1.1 review status: no comment received from SIG members so far.
  • Status Do’s and Don’ts
    • Done some performance checks on different Microsoft plattforms
    • Still working on the list
    • Any intermediate results to be handed over to the developers for testers ? Will be finished on time to be handed over to developers
    • What about Visual Basic ? Performance is very low compared to other programming languages, e.g. C++
  • Meeting in London on February 3, 2003: topics to be covered
    • Development status V1.1
    • Preview of V1.1
    • Invite “SolidSim” project member
    • Eric Hendriks to show implementation expleam of CO-SPPTS
    • All companies should prepare to discuss and show internal developments
  • Miscellaneous
    • “SolidSim” project team committed to follow CAPE-OPEN Standard for Unit Operation models, will extend interfaces to meet solids requirements for physical properties.
    • Project Start of SolidSim will be April 1st 2003

Next meeting is scheduled for February 3, 2003.