The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group (M&T SIG) met from 3 pm till 3:45 pm Central European Time.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (represented by Bill BARRETT), AmsterCHEM (represented by Jasper van BATEN), Bryan Research & Engineering (represented by Michael HLAVINKA), Michel PONS (contractor to CO-LaN as Chief Technology Officer)

Agenda: define specific tasks to be handled by each M&T SIG Member on interface specifications to be revised/developed.


The conference call was devoted first to define which tools are to be used to help with the development of interface specifications. US EPA is providing access to a Microsoft Teams repository in order to share efficiently the files on which the M&T SIG is working. It was decided to store the documents developed by M&T SIG in the repository while revision of documents may be made locally by each SIG member and then shared.

Next Bill BARRETT presented a list of requirements and Use Cases pertaining to the Persistence Common Interface specification with the hope of agreeing on them and assigning their detailed development to members of the M&T SIG. It is decided that Michel PONS will revise the requirements section by Jan 15 and the revision will be discussed at the next conference call. After the requirements section is finalized, a list of Use Cases will be defined and ordered. Use Cases cannot yet be assigned to SIG members since the list is not ready yet.

Transitioning between COM and CORBA: discussion took place on incorporating or not transitioning within the Persistence Common interface specification. A decision is needed on that.

The case was made to progress documents in parallel. To that end Jasper van BATEN is asked to review the requirements section of the revised Parameter Common interface specification and of the proposed Reporting Common interface specification by Jan 15.


Picture of Bill BARRETT (US EPA representative) in December 2018Contact Bill BARRETT (representative of US Environmental Protection Agency, leader of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group) should you wish to join the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group. Its charter is: “Improve integration, and expand utilization of Computer-Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) applications within the enterprise through identification and resolution of existing cross-cutting issues with the CAPE-OPEN platform, develop mechanisms for use of CAPE within other application domains, and incorporate advances in information technology into the CAPE-OPEN platform.”