The Methods and Tools Special Interest Group met from 5 pm till 6:35 pm Central European Time.


Activity report to be delivered by the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group at the CAPE-OPEN 2018 Annual Meeting.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (represented by Bill BARRETT), AmsterCHEM (represented by Jasper van BATEN), Bryan Research & Engineering (represented by Michael HLAVINKA), Michel PONS (contractor to CO-LaN as Chief Technology Officer)


The meeting revises the report prepared by Bill BARRETT. Michael HLAVINKA will deliver it in person at the CAPE-OPEN 2018 Annual Meeting. An additional meeting is scheduled on October 4 to finalize the report.


Picture of Bill BARRETT (US EPA representative) in December 2018Contact Bill BARRETT (representative of US Environmental Protection Agency, leader of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group) should you wish to join the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group. Its charter is: “Improve integration, and expand utilization of Computer-Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) applications within the enterprise through identification and resolution of existing cross-cutting issues with the CAPE-OPEN platform, develop mechanisms for use of CAPE within other application domains, and incorporate advances in information technology into the CAPE-OPEN platform.”