The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group met on November 29, 2017 at 5 pm Central European Time.


Progress of COBIA Phase II. A number of design decisions need to be made on the revised Parameter interface specification.


Bill BARRETT (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM), Michael HLAVINKA (Bryan Research & Engineering), Michel PONS (contractor for CO-LaN as Chief technology Officer)


The most current COBIA IDL proposed by Jasper van BATEN, incorporating especially a new enumeration on dimensionality vectors, was approved after some discussion. Part of the meeting was also dedicated to discuss the proposal to consider how to deal with economic information. It was decided to get feedback from the CO-LaN membership about the need to extend the scope of CAPE-OPEN to economics. A quick review of the proposal on the reporting interface was also conducted in order to ask there also for feedback.The MaterialObject Manager proposal, as made by the Thermo SIG, was approved for incorporation in the COBIA IDL.




Picture of Bill BARRETT (US EPA representative) in December 2018Contact Bill BARRETT (representative of US Environmental Protection Agency, leader of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group) should you wish to join the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group. Its charter is: “Improve integration, and expand utilization of Computer-Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) applications within the enterprise through identification and resolution of existing cross-cutting issues with the CAPE-OPEN platform, develop mechanisms for use of CAPE within other application domains, and incorporate advances in information technology into the CAPE-OPEN platform.”