The video shows how to use an early version of the Unit Operation Wizard for Visual Basic 6.

The Wizard comes as a plug-in in Visual Basic. Launching the plug-in, the end-user/developer enters first basic information on the software component to be developed, then describes the parameters of the Unit Operation and then the ports of that Unit Operation. No atempt is made to develop a suitable GUI for that Unit Operation. With these pieces of information, the Wizard creates the necessary code and builds an installation package.

Then the installation package is exercized to install the created CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation on the machine. Then Hysys 2.4, a CAPE-OPEN compliant Process Modelling Environment is started. Two material streams are drawn and one is defined with compounds, temperature, pressure and composition as well as with a thermodynamic model. The created CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is then dropped on the flowsheet, its Parameters are visualized but not modified, its Ports connected to the streams present, and then the Unit Operation is successfully calculated even if no code, except equality of outlets to inlets, has been inserted in the Calculate method of the ICapeUnit interface.