You will create a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation in MATLAB, using a software from AmsterCHEM: MATLAB CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation. Without having to change anything to the Unit Operation, you will use it in the same flowsheet set up in several commercial process simulators, including ProSimPlus from ProSim, Aspen Plus® from AspenTech® and AVEVA™ PRO/II™ Simulation. The textual model of the CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation, as well as the flowsheets in each process simulator, are provided.

General concepts like ports, parameters, access to thermodynamic calculations will be covered by the course. These concepts will enable you to develop the simple MATLAB calculation script representing the model of the Unit Operation. The script accesses the properties of feed streams, defines calculations to be performed and sets properties of the outletstreams. 

No in-depth knowledge of any of the process simulators used, or of MATLAB is necessary to benefit from this course. At the end of the course, you will have experienced how the underlying CAPE-OPEN technology, present in all the software tools used, simplifies the workflow for users of process simulation tools.