reseneng_logoThe Renewable Systems Engineering grant (RENESENG) is a new FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme for Research) Marie Curie project that researches and trains a new breed of engineers with project experience in biorefineries and emphasis on advanced process design, synthesis, model-based screening and analysis and process integration. RENESENG continues and builds on a series of successful European Union and national projects and will be training future scientists and engineers in biorefinery related topics. The National Technical University of Athens acts as coordinator to the project with Professor Antonis KOKOSSIS as representative and hence project coordinator.

RENESENG is holding its 2nd Project Workshop on May 27-31 & 2 June 2, 2015, at the Danmarks Tekniske Universiteit Campus in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Workshop aims at transfusing into the study of Biorefineries those Process Systems Engineering tools which have already been successful in the traditional chemical and petrochemical industry.

Professor KOKOSSIS has stated to CO-LaN that “It is apparent that CAPE-OPEN could have a major impact on the RENESENG initiative ” and, earlier this year, has contacted CO-LaN to discuss ways for CAPE-OPEN to appear in the Workshop program preferably as a hands-on session. Facilitating training on CAPE-OPEN is one of the five missions CO-LaN is actively pursuing.

While not sponsoring or taking responsibility in the event, CO-LaN has facilitated the organization of a training session titled “Integrating models with CAPE-OPEN” to be held on both May 30 and May 31 mornings. The training will be given by Jasper van BATEN of AmsterCHEM who has several times delivered training sessions on CAPE-OPEN in particular at CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings.