Cover of Industrial Biotechnology Vol 1 Issue2Author: Ian GOSLING

Affiliation: ChemSim LLC

Reference: Gosling I. (2005), Process Simulation and Modeling for Industrial Bioprocessing: tools and techniques, Industrial Biotechnology, Vol.1, No.2, pp. 106-109.

Abstract: “Maximizing profits by operating the most efficient process is the primary goal of all industrial bioprocessing operations. To help create efficient operations companies use process simulation, which is the application of a range of software tools to analyze complete processes, not just single unit operations. Process engineers and scientists use simulation models to investigate complex and integrated biochemical operations, without the need for extensive experimentation…”

DOI: 10.1089/ind.2005.1.106

Comments: the author rightfully states “For more complex problems, a single software tool may be insufficient. In these instances, it is the interoperability of software that creates a powerful tool. An interface specifically developed for process engineering software, CAPE-OPEN, provides a solution to readily link software packages; for example, a custom unit operation model developed in gPROMS can be inserted into an Aspen Plus flowsheet.”. ChemSim provides expertise especially in the use of the Intelligen suite of software products. In 2019, Intelligen’s SuperPro Designer will also allow the plug-in of CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations following the provision by CO-LaN to Intelligen of Consultancy Services to reach this objective.