Logo of BP (small)Picture of Mick LEE, representative of BP in CO-LaNAt the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting, Mick LEE, representative of BP in CO-LaN, gave a presentation on how CAPE-OPEN is used and considered at BP.

At the end of the presentation, Mick was asked if BP’s interest in CAPE-OPEN was both on thermodynamic servers and unit operations.Mike has the experience of using CAPE-OPEN Property Packages rather than Unit Operations but stated that Unit Operations are also of interest to BP. Oliver KOCH asked Mike LEE if BP is developing its own CAPE-OPEN compliant pieces of software. Mike LEE answered that usage has been almost exclusively linking software through CAPE-OPEN rather than developing specific software. Richard BAUR asked if research results were typically made CAPE-OPEN compliant to ensure quick usage. Mick LEE considered that knowledge about CAPE-OPEN needs to be better spread within BP in order for that to happen.