Logo of VORtechOn September 20, 2013, VORtech send a request for consultancy services to CO-LaN.

VORtech is a software company specialized in scientific computing. Together with Teus van der Stelt of TU Delft, VORtech is developing and marketing FluidProp, a software package for fluid property calculations. As part of the European Clean Sky initiative, VORtech and the Swedish company Modelon are working on developing a new fluid media library for the Modelica modelling language. An important aspect of the new Modelica media library is that it should be possible to get the fluid properties from any CAPE-OPEN capable software.

On December 12, 2013, CO-LaN’s Management Board has agreed to finance this action up to 16 man-hours. The consultancy service will be delivered by AmsterCHEM who will help VORtech define how the implementation of a CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic socket can be done in Modelica, taking into account performance aspects.

Through this decision CO-LaN’s Management Board shows its determination to increase the number of implementations of CAPE-OPEN interfaces.