Today Richard BAUR, representative of Shell Global Solutions International BV, president of CO-LaN, has signed a contract between MR Woodman Consulting Ltd and CO-LaN.

MR Woodman Consulting Ltd will provide up to 80 man-hours of services to CO-LaN over the period from March 1, 2020 till December 31, 2020. These services cover:

  • Development of the Charter for the new Certification SIG, in conjunction with Management Board of CO-LaN, based on the outcomes from the conversations held with vendors and end-users in 2019.
  • To establish the Certification SIG, as per the newly developed charter.
  • To manage the development of an initial prototype for a self-certification tester suite for one class of CAPE-OPEN Process Modelling Components:
    • Choice of class of CAPE-OPEN Process Modelling Component and technology based on the outcomes from the Certification Technical Steering Group, business conversations and CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting, all in 2019: to be chosen between a Unit Operation and a Property Package.
    • Development to be undertaken by third-party contractors selected by CO-LaN.

CO-LaN appreciates the possibility to secure the services provided by MR Woodman Consulting Ltd.