SAICCO-LaN Management Board has accepted today SAIC application of Associate Membership.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) is involved with commercial oil and gas customers in implementing CAPE-OPEN interfaces to process unit simulation models:

During the past two years, SAIC has been assisting its oil and gas clients with software architectural reviews of their existing process unit simulation models to formulate a strategy to develop standardized interfaces that enhance model runtime performance and provide a gain in overall model stability. With an understanding of the current trends in software architecture, SAIC has re-architected linear and non-linear models away from complicated multi-layered methods of passing data to streamlined standardized interfaces based upon the CAPE-OPEN standard. These simplified model interfaces now provide SAIC client modelers with the enhanced ability to easily link into new process modeling software tools that enter the marketplace. The complexity of the simulation models SAIC has analyzed for its clients range from simple spreadsheet based linear models to extensive non-linear simulation programs that represent specific proprietary knowledge for a process unit.

SAIC is interested in becoming more involved with new developments around the CAPE-OPEN standard.

Jeff Pribich is representing SAIC within the CO-LaN organization.

Welcome to SAIC!