Associate Member logoOn November 10, 2016, CO-LaN Management Board reviewed the application for individual Associate Membership received from Ramiz MOMIN and approved it.

Ramiz applied for individual Associate Membership in CO-LaN on September 9, 2016. He is a Chemical Engineer with 7 years of experience in Process Simulation and Modelling, Process engineering, Project Commissioning and startup. Ramiz is from India.

Ramiz’s interest in process simulation and modelling dates back from his college studies. He learned basics of process simulation in 3rd and 4th year of his Chemical engineering cursus, working with Aspen Hysys and Matlab. During his professional career of 7 years now, he has been involved in many debottlenecking and modification projects involving process simulation using Aspen Plus, ChemCad and Aspen HYSYS.

Ramiz became aware of CAPE-OPEN when using HTRI module combined with Aspen Plus to carry out detailed process and thermal design of the Weak Nitric Acid process. He has been following and learning about CAPE-OPEN for the past 2 years. Ramiz is very much interested in how a Process Simulator works, what are its components, how numerical and thermo solvers are embedded in a simulator. He feels that many of his questions are answered by learning about the CAPE-OPEN standards.

CO-LaN welcomes Ramiz in its membership.