Logo of Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.CO-LaN has been informed today of the release of version 8.0 of OGT Suite by Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. This version includes the ProTreat CAPE-OPEN Property Package that was announced and demonstrated at the CAPE-OPEN 2022 Annual Meeting.

During the same conference, Linde Engineering reported on their use of ProTreat as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation run in UniSim Design. ProTreat CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is also included in OGT Suite.

CO-LaN welcomes the availability of a new CAPE-OPEN Property Package. Used together with ProTreat CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation, the ProTreat CAPE-OPEN Property Package ensures thermodynamic consistency throughout a flowsheet developed in any PME supporting CAPE-OPEN for interoperability.

This new version comes with the following advances in ProTreat® and SulphurPro®:

Thermal Oxidizer and Stack

  • Two new SulphurPro blocks to model sulphur plant incineration
  • Rigorous kinetics model for the destruction of reduced sulphur species, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and ammonia
  • Rigorously model both natural draft and forced draft flowsheet configurations
  • Calculate pressure drop through the vessels
  • Stack hydraulic calculations with an insufficient stack draft warning.
  • Component-wise emissions reporting in Stack

Sulphur Storage Block

  • New SulphurPro block to model sulphur storage and degassing
  • Rigorous kinetics for H2S degassing from liquid sulphur
  • Calculate H2S evolution with a specified sweep gas inlet
  • Optional sparge gas inlet for modeling degassing
  • Options for calculating Catalytic degassing include Morpholine, Ammonium Sulfite, Aromatic Amine, and Urea
  • Account for oxidation of evolved H2S to SO2 in the headspace
  • Represent various configurations such as in-pit degasser, sulphur pit, above ground sulphur storage tank, etc.

CAPE-OPEN Property Package

  • ProTreat® is now a CAPE-OPEN compliant property package plug
  • Create property packages from ProTreat with desired compounds and thermodynamic method
  • Use within any CAPE-OPEN compliant thermodynamic socket

Hybrid Solvents Properties Update

  • Incorporated several new data sets for physical and transport properties for hybrid solvent mixtures of sulfolane and amines
  • Better agreement with plant data

DIPA Heat Capacity Refit – Refit of DIPA heat capacity to give better agreement with field data