Logo of Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPicture of Associate Professor Seyef Soheil MANSOURI, representative of PROSYS as of June 16, 2021CO-LaN welcomes Associate Professor Seyed Soheil MANSOURI as the new representative of the Process and Systems Engineering Centre (PROSYS) at DTU.

PROSYS was created in June of 2014 as a result of a merger between the Computer Aided Process Engineering Center (CAPEC) and the Center for Process Engineering and Technology (PROCESS). CAPEC has been involved in CAPE-OPEN from the very start as a partner in the Global CAPE-OPEN project that brought CAPE-OPEN into commercial process simulation software. So PROSYS has a long history with CAPE-OPEN and CO-LaN expects to develop further its relationship with PROSYS.

Welcome to Seyed!