After 18 years of operation, NETRAL ceased to exist as a registered business on January 16, 2013. Consequently NETRAL is no longer an Associate Member of CO-LaN.

NETRAL got interested in CAPE-OPEN as a way to distribute unit operation models based on neural networks, their area of expertise. Michel PONS, CO-LaN CTO, visited NETRAL in November 2005 and this led NETRAL to join CO-LaN in January 2008 with Jean-Luc PLOIX, its CEO, as representative.

However, CAPE-OPEN usage remained only a plan at NETRAL and no implementation was realized. It is a bit sad since other parties conducted  experiences with neural networks as the basis for CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations, especially within the APECS project at NETL, and a part of these experiences was presented at the 3rd US CAPE-OPEN Conference in November 2006.