A detailed post on TechITmore website explains how to develop a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation in .Net making use of the .Net Unit Wizard released in 2008 by the Computer Aided Systems Laboratory at University of Trieste.

While the Wizard itself is not used, the CAPE-OPEN interop assembly provided in the archive made available in 2008, as well as the read wrapper around the interop assembly, are used to develop a simple CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation that acts as a mixer with some refinement. Use of this Unit Operation is subsequently demonstrated in the process simulator COFE from AmsterCHEM.

It should be noted that nowadays a CAPE-OPEN Primary Interop Assembly is distributed by CO-LaN and contains the latest additions to the CAPE-OPEN standard.

The Post on TechITmore makes for a nice tutorial on how to develop a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation. Thanks for that.