CO-LaN is actively evaluating the impact of new IT technologies on the CAPE-OPEN standards.

CO-LaN Methods & Tools Special Interest Group has issued version 0.7 of their .NET Interoperability Guidelines.

The CAPE-OPEN middleware standards were created to allow process modelling components (PMCs) developed by third parties to be used in any process modelling environment (PME) utilizing these standards. The CAPE-OPEN middleware specifications were based upon both Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) and the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Common Object Broker Architecture (CORBA). Microsoft updated COM to the .NET Framework.

The document released by CO-LaN presents interoperability guidance and examples for .NET and provides a roadmap for the evolution of CAPE-OPEN into the .NET environment.

It is currently envisioned to distribute next a survey on the current and future use of .NET Framework for developing CAPE-OPEN compliant software tools.