As of February 8, 2013 Infochem has renewed till January 31, 2014 the MultiFlash license granted to CO-LaN for conducting interoperability testing.

MultiFlash is a thermodynamic server acting as a Process Modelling Component that can be plugged into a CAPE-OPEN Process Modelling Environment through a CAPE-OPEN socket under either version 1.0 or version 1.1 of the CAPE-OPEN “Thermodynamics and Physical Properties” interface specification. The CAPE-OPEN features in MultiFlash are daily in use in such companies as ConocoPhillips and BASF.

CO-LaN is thankful for this arrangement that is proving very valuable for continuous monitoring of the interoperability achieved between various software components acting either as Process Modelling Environments or Process Modelling Components.

Infochem and CO-LaN have had such an arrangement in place since 2005.