On July 14, 2016 CO-LaN Management Board approved the application for Associate Membership of Malcolm WOODMAN.

Malcolm represented BP on the CO-LaN Management Board from February 2005 until the end of June 2016.  His membership included a period as CO-LaN President from November 2010 to December 2015, and periods as CO-LaN Secretary before and after this.

Malcolm’s involment with CAPE-OPEN extends far beyond his roles on CO-LaN Management Board. For instance during the Global CAPE-OPEN project, as Engineering Technology Manager, within BP’s Chemicals Technology & Engineering Department, he co-managed the Interoperability Task Force that conducted extensive testing of the implementations of CAPE-OPEN interfaces in commercial process simulation software.

When a similar activity was developed within CO-LaN, back in April 2003, Malcolm naturally joined the initiative on behalf of BP. The concept of a data reporting tool, the precursor of the CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool (COLTT), emerged from the discussions conducted within that group. Malcolm arranged for a Pakistani software company (SHMA Ltd) to develop a prototype leading to a first release of COLTT in 2007 during the CAPE-OPEN European Conference held in Heidelberg, Germany. Since then, Malcolm has supervised the work of the Interoperability Special Interest Group within CO-LaN.

Malcolm has also initiated the development by CO-LaN of a CAPE-OPEN wrapper around the GAP application from Petroleum Experts. Malcolm reported on this action at the AspenTech OPTIMIZE 2011 conference.

CO-LaN Management Board looks forward to a continuous and fruitful collaboration with Malcolm. It is already arranged for Malcolm to continue his involvement in the Interoperability Special Interest Group.