Visual abstract of Braz et al CES (2019)Logo of Universidade de LisboaA paper on research making use of CAPE-OPEN technology was published today online in volume 195 of Chemical Engineering Science. The work involves academic researchers at Universidade de Lisboa and Universidade do Porto as well as industrial researchers at EuroResinas, Industrias Químicas S.A.. They addressed the modelling of methanol oxidation in a packed bed reactor with estimation of the kinetic and
deactivation parameters. A deactivation equation is introduced as a function of total product consumption instead of time. The model shows good performance till 80% of the catalyst lifetime.

The model of the reactor was established in gPROMS Model Builder while the thermodynamic model used came from Aspen Properties. The researchers used the CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic socket in gPROMS Model Builder to insert a CAPE-OPEN Property Package from Aspen Properties in their model. This is one of many examples of the same. None of the organizations involved in this research are members of CO-LaN while CO-LaN is grateful that they acknowledge, even if briefly, the use of CAPE-OPEN.