Logo of Laboratoire d'Informatique de GrenobleA paper by researchers at the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (LIG) is using the existence of the CORBA version of CAPE-OPEN to justify in part their work.

They developed an IDL compiler to detect the parallelism of services invocations and their data dependencies on a set of CORBA objects. They state that the simulation of the next generation of aircraft will require several hundreds of software components and they mention CAPE-OPEN because it relates to high performance simulation environments needed in computer aided process engineering. Indeed CAPE-OPEN describes interfaces between software components (thermodynamic servers, unit operations, numerical solvers, etc…) that may have to exploit a computational grid.

It is worth noting that, earlier this year at the 3rd CAPE-OPEN European Conference, two papers were addressing either parallel computations of CAPE-OPEN components or arranging such calculations on a computational grid. However use of CORBA for CAPE-OPEN has been minimum so far, lessening the strength of the argument made by the researchers at LIG.