Logo of ESCAPE 28, June 10-13, 2018 in Graz, AustriaFrom June 10, 2018 till June 13, 2018, ESCAPE 28 (28th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering) has been organized in Graz, Austria jointly by TU Graz and TU Wien under the auspices of the CAPE-OPEN Working Party of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering.

ESCAPE conferences have often mentioned CAPE-OPEN. CAPE-OPEN was first demonstrated live at ESCAPE-9 in May 1999 (Budapest, Hungary) and has been also discussed in several papers presented at other events of the ESCAPE series (see ESCAPE 12, ESCAPE 13 for instance).

ESCAPE 28 gathered several hundred contributions from five continents. Among these contributions, a poster from researchers at University of Surrey makes reference to CAPE-OPEN. The authors propose a new approach for model integration. They build upon the CAPE-OPEN framework and they use ontology to make the model (unit operation, property package) and its data explicit.

CO-LaN welcomes this contribution that recognizes CAPE-OPEN as addressing “the issue of standardisation of interfaces to enable interoperability between simulator software components from different sources“.