Logo of AmsterCHEMAmsterCHEM announces the release of COCO 3.2 today.

New in COCO 3.2 is the stand-alone COFE flowsheet solver, or COFEStand. This will allow solving a flowsheet from the command line. In combination with the open file format of COFE (fsd files since version 3.0 contain a zipped XML file), applications can manipulate COFE inputs such as feed stream conditions, run the flowsheet without user interaction and parse the calculation results from the fsd file, all without user interaction.

Font selections have been added to the flowsheet appearance dialog. Parameter meanings have been clarified for the Plug Flow Reactor, and a number of issues have been fixed. Noteworth for water users is a density and volume unit conversion problem in region 3.

A full list of changes is available on the website dedicated to COCO download.

COCO software (COFE, TEA, CORN,…) rely on CAPE-OPEN technology and lets you experience CAPE-OPEN easily.