Logo of CO-LaN smallIt is time to reflect upon 2010 with its ups and downs. If cancelling the CAPE-OPEN European Conference scheduled for March was a difficult decision, it was not a complete surprise in the prevailing economic situation. CO- LaN is looking forward to 2001 and ECCE-8 for gathering again the CO-LaN membership and more.

Membership has been still growing in 2010 even if IFP Energies Nouvelles is leaving its status of Full Member as of January 1st, 2011, adjusting its membership level to its legal format.

On the technical side CO-LaN is pleased with the progress made on COLTT, releasing it as open source, adding a Viewer functionality as well as better logging capabilities. The Unit Operation source prototypes released by CO-LaN in VB6 and C++ have been well received by the community of developers. Progress in implementation of CAPE -OPEN interfaces has been observed in software released by major software vendors even if more progress is still needed here and there to reach complete compliance with the CAPE- OPEN standards. CO-LaN is actively working with these vendors to overcome the remaining issues.

Specifications have also progressed in 2010 while this has been mostly hidden from public view: the Unit Operation interface specification has been extensively reworked to help understanding and to overcome ambiguities. Same for the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specifications under version 1.0 and 1.1.

This all made up for a lively year. Indeed it is worth noticing the growing activity on the CAPE-OPEN forums with more than 1000 posts and numerous registered users. It reflects the worldwide nature of CAPE-OPEN.

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