Associate_Member_CO-LaNv2On March 14, 2008, Alan Scott has applied for Associate Membership in CO-LaN as an individual member. The CO-LaN Management Board has approved this application on April 2, 2008.

Till his retirement at the end of February 2008, Alan was the representative from TÜV SÜD NEL Ltd in CO-LaN. Alan has been especially active in developing the CAPE-OPEN interfaces implementation in PPDS, TUV NEL thermo server product. Alan has also participated in numerous activities of the Thermo SIG, for example in the discussions leading to the Thermo 1.1 interface specification. Alan has presented CAPE-OPEN work at TUV NEL at the 4th and 5th CAPE-OPEN European Conferences and has been a participant to all CAPE-OPEN European Conferences. Alan wishes to continue interacting with the Thermo SIG in the coming future.

Welcome to CO-LaN (again)!