ENI-Tecnologie-smallOne of the deliverables of the “GCO Support” European-funded project, the first CAPE-OPEN Event, took place in Milan on Sep 14th, 2001. It was hosted by EniTecnologie in San Donato Milanese, Italy.

Agenda :

  1. Introduction to CAPE-OPEN objectives, projects and technology by Bertrand Braunschweig (IFP), Global CAPE-OPEN co-ordinator
  2. Achievements: interfaces, thermo and unit operations interoperability démos by Michael Halloran (AspenTech), Daniel Piñol (Hyprotech) and Pascal Roux (IFP)
  3. Value capture for an operating company by Peter Banks (BP)
  4. Other interfaces: Solvers, optimisation by Costas Pantelides (Imperial College and PSE Ltd.)
  5. CO-LaN objectives and technology by Michel Pons (TotalFinaElf)